Roundhouse Radio: Bringing the hyperlocal to Vancouver's airwaves

Roundhouse Radio: Bringing the hyperlocal to Vancouver's airwaves
Mr. Shafer is hoping to recreate that street-level connection to the community when Roundhouse Radio, a new low-power, hyperlocal station, begins broadcasting next month from a building in an area of Vancouver known as Railtown, located on the fringes …
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Spencer's plans tie-up with hyper-local startups
Spencer's Retail Ltd, a CESC subsidiary, was evaluating about tying up with hyper-local startups for digital footprint for the retail major. “We are keeping a close watch of the new development of hyper-local delivery startups as they are gaining …

Sequoia Capital bets big on hyperlocal start-ups in India
Bengaluru/New Delhi: Venture capital (VC) firm Sequoia Capital India Advisors is racking up the biggest position in the booming (in terms of interest and funding, if not actual business) hyperlocal start-up business, taking large stakes in at least …
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Still easy as day for Easyday, now that hyperlocal online stores are invading
But even as they will continue to have an edge over the younger startups in terms of infrastructure – like their chain of convenience stores Easyday – the new hyperlocal brands are attempting to close that gap by digitally organizing the smallest …

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