Hyperlocal News App Blockfeed Takes Another Stab at Geo-Aggregation

Hyperlocal News App Blockfeed Takes Another Stab at Geo-Aggregation
But it's those markets — with more media outlets and therefore more competition for consumers — that best fit the company's desire to give hyperlocal journalists a platform they haven't had before. “We're putting small, hyperlocal blogs and their …
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Wearhaus Arc: Is the world ready for 'social headphones'?
Owners of the Arc would be able to create impromptu silent discos, or hyper-local radio stations with just one media player. At a romantic level, I liked the idea. I imagined all the conversations they could start, or connections they might spark, so I …
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Mobile commerce and hyperlocal, the next wave in digital India

Mobile commerce and hyperlocal, the next wave in digital India
'Hyperlocal' is perhaps the new buzzword in the ecommerce industry and has managed to rattle ecommerce giants. Hyperlocal is the next wave in the mobile commerce revolution. An increase in the number of mobile-first start-ups in this space and growing …
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Even The Biggest Brands Can Get Hyperlocal With Geolocation Targeting
More and more national consumer packaged goods companies and retailers are feeling the pressure to implement marketing technology that targets consumers on a hyperlocal level, which is the next best thing to reaching them in-store, wallet in hand.
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From being hyperlocal to hyperconvenient
Hyperlocal m-commerce is indeed making its mark in the Indian retail industry and has started disrupting the e-commerce market with its ability to deliver almost everything and anything to your doorstep within an hour or two. A report by research firm …
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BBC seeks to forge working links with hyperlocal news sites
In a statement today, the BBC referred to hyperlocal publishing as a “burgeoning area of citizen engagement” and that hyperlocals would be incorporated into the Local Journalism Working Group, which also includes representatives from regional newspaper …
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Deer Park pol pushes hyper-local ALEC arm – Cincinnati Enquirer
To some in Greater Cincinnati, Charles Tassell is best known for his work with Citizens for Community Values. To others, he's primarily known for holding a seat on the city council in Deer Park, a small East Side community. But to elected officials of …
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New Era Of Hyperlocal Taxation Will Pose Huge Challenges To Large
Tax is getting really personal. Want to watch the new season of Orange is the New Black in Chicago? The city now applies a 9% “electronically delivered amusements tax” for everyone with a Netflix billing address located inside the city limits. Want to …
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